Olafur Palsson, MA

Managing director

Risk Medical Solutions

Olafur Palsson heads daily operations of Risk Medical Solutions, Mr. Palsson has served as MD since the company was founded in 2009. He overseas all of the company’s projects and external communications

Mr. Palsson holds a Bs. in business and international marketing from Edith Cowan University and received a Masters degree in financial risk management from Monash University, Graduate School of business, finance and accounting.

2007-2008: MA. Risk Management (Financial markets), Monash Graduate School of Business, Department of Accounting and Finance,
Monash University, Australia
2005-2006: BS. Communication & Business, (International marketing & business) Edith Cowan Business School. Edith Cowan University.

Past Experience
2009: Risk Medical Solutions – Managing director
IT software company specializing in the development of individualized health management solutions, electronic medical records and information technology. Founded in 2008. NPV 250m. ISK. Currently employed.
2009: Lipid Pharmaceuticals – CFO
Pharmaceutical company that specializes in R&D work on free fatty acids drug and fish oils. Project ongoing since 2003, company founded in 2008. NPV 400m. ISK. Currently employed.
2008: GSP Communications and Public Relation
Project base mainly Icelandic firms such as Icelandic Glacial and LEX Law Firm.
2007: Prima World Club and Arfar – Financial & operational consultant
Conducted an M&A feasibility study during operational overhaul and advised on future business and financial planning.
2004: Saga-Film – marketing
A well established film Production Company in Iceland. Worked on budgeting project and marketing films such as Beowulf and Gender through broadcast advertisements.