The Team Overview

The team behind Risk Medical Solutions is vibrant and qualified. We have a vision to rebuild the diabetic health-sectors in small steps by applying technology and epidemiological data to re-structure the allocation of available health resources to those who are in dire need and save substantial amount of money as a result, seeing the health industry is the largest industry in the world.


Prof. Einar Stefansson MD, PhD.

Chairman & founder
Department of
National Hospital Reykjavik
University of Iceland

Dr. Einar Stefansson is a leading physician in the field of diabetic eye disease and diabetic screening and head supervisor for product development and clinical science.

Dr. Stefansson graduated from the University of Iceland Medical School 1978 with honors. He received a PhD degree in physiology from Duke University in 1981 followed by a residency at Duke.

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Arna Gudmundsdottir, MD

Boardmember & co-founder
National Hospital Reykjavik.
Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Dr. Arna Gudmundsdottir takes an active role in all product development and clinical testing. Her expertise gives a valuable insight into practical usage of products and medical approaches.

Dr. Gudmundsdottir graduated from the University of Iceland Medical School in ’92. She undertook a fellowship program in endocrinology at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics.

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Prof. Johann Malmquist, PhD

University of Iceland
Computer Software industry

Prof. Johann Malmquist is a renowned expert in computer programming, both design and development. Prof. Malmquist provides a valuable insight into future development for RMS and its markets. His role is to assess and advise on important decision regarding software development and possible solutions.

Prof. Malmquist graduated from Caroll College in 1973 and from Penn State University with a PhD in computer science in 1979.

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Armann Thorvaldsson, MBA

Former CEO of Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander

Graduated with an MBA from Boston University in 1994. Started working for Kaupthing Reykjavik in late 1994. He was later appointed the head of corporate banking at Singer & Friedlander in the UK and became the CEO in 2005.


Olafur Palsson, MA

Managing director

Olafur Palsson heads daily operations of Risk Medical Solutions, Mr. Palsson has served as director since the company was founded in 2009. He oversees all of the company’s projects and external communications

Mr. Palsson gradutated with a BS in business and international marketing from Edith Cowan University and received his Masters degree in financial risk management from Monash University, Graduate School of business, finance and accounting.

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Prof. Toke Bek MD, PhD

Clinical development, Aarhus Denmark

Dr. Toke Bek is a world-renowned scientist is diabetic screening. Prof. Bek has vast experience in working with diabetic eye disease, telemedicine and overseeing a large screening program for diabetic eye disease. His role with the company is to facilitate the software development part in Aarhus, Denmark. Risk Medical Solutions has been able to test its software on Dr. Bek’s database, containing over 5000 patient records spanning over more than 20 years.

Thor Aspelund MS, PhD

VP of Product development

Thor Aspelund overseas all core product development. His work includes product design, testing and overall usability. Thor has developed numerous other successful software calculators and serves as head of software development for The Icelandic Heart Association.

Thor holds an MS and PhD. in mathematical statistics from The University of Iowa.

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Dr. Paul Chous


Dr. Paul Chous completed his undergraduate education at Brown University and UC Irvine, and then received his Masters and Doctorate of Optometry degrees with highest honors from UC Berkeley. Paul has a private practice specializing in diabetes eye care and education in Tacoma, WA, USA. Dr. Chous won the American Diabetes Association’s Distinguished Public Service Award in 1998.
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Olof Thorisdottir, MSc

Statistics & Mathematics

Olof Thorisdottir works on algorithm development and post data testing on the software. Olof has been with the company from its early development phases and serves an important role as head of modeling and data mining.

Olof is a PhD student in statistics in Denmark and holds a Masters degree in statistics from Aarhus University.

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Stefan Einarsson, BS

Software development

Stefan Einarsson is a software developer at RMS. His role is to ensure all Internet implementation processes of the software as well as new development.
Stefan heads the software development of our new product, an electronic medical record system for diabetic screening.

Stefan has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Reykjavik University.

Sigrun Helga Lund

Statistics & Mathematics

Sigrun Helga Lund oversees algorithm development as well as participating in all aspects of the product development cycle. She joined the company early 2012 and brings valuable in-house expertise in statistical analysis and mathematics.

Sigrun is a PhD student and an adjunct lecturer in statistics at the University of Iceland.

Inga Valdis Thorvaldsdottir

Software & business development

Inga Valdis Thorvaldsdottir holds a Bachelor’s degree in both computer science and business from the University of Iceland. She adds insight into business development from a product standpoint and serves as a dynamic link between the two areas. Her background is in healthcare and finance, previously having worked for the University Hospital in Iceland.