Health Systems

The economic burden of diabetes is substantial for the government, economy and the diabetic patient. The global health expenditure for diabetes is estimated to reach 11,6% of total, global healthcare expenditures in 2010. That is $376 billion. The same figure for the year 2030 is estimated to be $490 billion. The global mean healthcare expenditure per person with diabetes in 2010 is estimated to be $703

The American Diabetes Association has calculated the economic loss due to less productivity of labor because of diabetes mellitus to be $58 billion in the United States of America. Such a burden may be diminished with cost effective treatments of diabetic complications

Risk Medical Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in organizing and running public health programs in diabetic eye disease, telemedicine, and image analysis. In addition to our experience we have developed unique methods that are focused towards maximizing available medical resources and cutting down cost while creating the most efficient screening management system available.

We provide a comprehensive Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Service
The future of health care lies in the increased value for patients in terms of quality of treatment relative to dollars expended in a given system

The primary service our company provides for health care systems is a comprehensive health program evaluation/feasibility study (report) on a sector, number of sectors or a health care system as a whole. Evaluated results examine what we can do for each system We offer:

  • An evaluation of the public health situation in diabetic eye disease and blindness in a given population.
  • A plan for the establishment of a screening and preventive treatment program, including economic and health aspects.

Our consultancy provides first hand advice on what system is most appropriate and how the system shall be constructed and what components are needed.