We offer risk analysis and information technology algorithms for diabetic populations and individual patients.

Screening for diabetic eye disease was initiated in Iceland in 1980. Today we are leading experts in the area of researching new screening techniques and in the development of new ways that deliver economic and social efficiency of treatment resources.

The limitation of current practice in screening for diabetic retinopathy is that all patients are screened once a year. This is adequate for members of the diabetic population who are at high risk for eye diseases but much more than is needed for those in medium or low risk. This means that a large portion of the group is undergoing eye examination unnecessarily frequent creating inconvenience for the patients and considerable costs for both the individuals and health authorities.

Our company has developed a unique risk calculator that evaluates individual risk for sight threatening retinopathy and recommends appropriate screening intervals based on the individuals clinical state. The patient or health care worker enters clinical information and the algorithm automatically calculates the risk for sight threatening retinopathy and suggests eye screening at appropriate intervals. This makes diabetic eye screening more efficient and focused, reduces costs and increases safety.