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Risk Medical Solutions (RMS) has developed a risk calculator for diabetic retinopathy screening. It calculates individual risk levels for patients that are used to determine the frequency of diabetic
retinopathy screening.
Diabetic patients with high risk for progression of diabetic retinopathy are screened more frequently & those with low risk are screened less frequently. Compared with the present gold standard of annual screening our system provides the same benefits with 50% fewer screening visits.

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The following article was published in Diabetologia in May 2011.
Aspelund et.al: Individual risk assessment and information technology to optimize screening frequency for diabetic retinopathy. Diabetologia, May, 2011

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We are proud to announce that The Ministry of Health in Iceland is setting a standard throughout its health-care system were all clinics doing diabetic screening will have the opportunity to use the algorithm solution developed by Risk Medical Solutions.

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